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Press Release on 30th of June 2022

ARD German Television

Press Release accourding the results of the Energz Study of ZETT, 

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Press Release accourding the results of the G 7 sSummit in Schloss Elmau, Germany, 28th of June 2022

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Press Release Heise online  und Interview Dr. Ingo Stuckmann

UN WUF 11 Pm

Press Release on the United Nations Conference on Urbanisation WUF 11in Katowice Poland 30th of June , 2022

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Christian Stoecker Kolummne:

Die Feinde der Menschheit 

Die Studie als argumentative Unterstützung

Who we are


Take a look at the world solar map:

Even in Alaska and Northern Germany a new solar farm is cheaper now than existing coal.

And that`s just the bluish color of the map! Just image what it means for all our countries in the yellow and orange areas.

We have extremely cheap renewable energy @ our finger tips!

Tipping Point

Indeed, we reached a tipping point in 2015, the year of the Paris agreement, when already more than half the investments in new power plants were made in renewable energy. This is 80% now.

Why? Because it`s cheaper. And, we may have helped here.

Symbol for „cheap renewables“

So now, we need a symbol for „cheap renewables“. Do we have one?

Yes, we do. The climate medal.


The idea is for kids to cut it out of paper, with scissors, and paint the world on

it. This is together with Climate Medal for Future. However, the key question

is, what`s on the other side of the medal, how much does it cost, to act on


The answer: The sun. Kids can paint it on the other side, and, it says in big

letters „wind & solar @ ½ the price – that is so nice!“

And if you understand this, you are one more to win the climate medal.

We have the solution at our fingertips.


And to spread the word, we have created this website for high impact & easy

climate solutions, with workshops & educational materials. Let`s go for it.

There is no time left to act.

Solutions book

And for a more comprehensive view, our director, Ingo Stuckmann, just wrote a book

about „Climate solutions @ our finger tips!“

Ingo tells the story of the first windmills @ Palm Springs in California – the

exponential growth of renewable energy getting ever cheaper – offering key zero

emission solutions @political crossroads – but also identifying critical flaws for

climate solutions in our western democracies & how to fix them for energy

independance & freedom - and last, not least, what can I do myself ? „We have all we

need, at all levels, and, worldwide“ – to get on the path to a zero emission world,

already visible @ the horizont!

This is the mission of Zero Emission Think Tank, get on the path!

And, it`s all about cheap renewables.

Let`s TALK ABOUT it & solve the climate crisis!

Yours truly,

Prof. Eicke Weber, Chairman of the Board


Our Story

COP21 Paris

Document Paris  

Summer 2015 

Document Summer 2015

Extremely cheap Renewables

Document cheap renewables

German delegation

Document Delegation

Word gets out

Document words get out


Zero Emission Think Tank / NGO

We are a pro climate solutions, non-profit organisation. Our mission is to promote key climate solutions. We provide educational materials, and, we organize Workshops for Government Agencies and for Business Leaders. We welcome Partners to sponsor Workshops. Let`s go to zero. 

Our Services


You can download educational materials for free. Climate solutions are here.

For more info:


Workshops, how to implement a zero emission business plan and profit from it

Target group:

Government Agencies, Business Leaders, and 

everyone starting with new ideas for a better world.

Zero Emissions is our Mission.

Our workshops come with science partners

to help you and society to profit from zero emissions.

What are we waiting for?

Just get the job done.

zero emission calculator


Our partner Zero Emission Calculator GmbH has invented a Zero Emission Calculator that converts your carbon footprint into a zero emission lifestyle, into a zero emission business.

A unique for profit solution to climate change. Just go to zero. 

Zero Emission Think Tank / NGO

Technical Coordination

Dr. Gerrit Heil 

Climate Scientist 

Potsdam Institute for Climate, Columbia University New York / business consultant for RWE, Essent, EON

formaly Roland Berger

  Chairman of the Board

Prof. Eicke R. Weber 

Director European Solar Manufacturing Council ESMC

Chairman, Kommission für Energie und nachhaltiges Wirtschaften und

Senator, Bundesverband der Mittelständischen Wirtschaft BVMW

former Director, Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE, Freiburg

Prof. em., Department of Materials Science and Engineering, UC Berkeley

Prof. em., Fak. f. Mathematik & Physik, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Member, International Advisory Board  ASPIDE Technology

            Media Partner

Frank Ossenbrink

Mediagroup Berlin GmbH,

Business administration, economic geography and PhD in communication science, Public speaker on disruptive innovations and education, 

Studies  in Sweden, Brasil, Latvia and Germany, working Journalist since 1987, Campaign management since 1989,

Working with all major  magazines and newspapers  in Europe, 

Coordinator of the Initiative Schule- jetzt, better education services  for all generations

Frank Ossenbrink - CEO bei media group berlin - LinkedIn › frank-ossenbrink-b8566a72

Talk about solutions

Amory Lovins

Pioneer Soft Energy Path (erneuerbare Energien + Effizienz)

Gründer Rocky Mountain Institute

Erstes Nullenergiehaus 1983


z.B. Right Livelihood Award (Alternativer Nobelpreis), Bundesverdienstkreuz der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Prof. Daniel M. Kammen 

UC Berkeley

A world known scientist with a great heart for the African continent

Advisor to the US Government

Tony Seba 


The keynote speaker and author about disruption and rethinking societies 

Hans-Josef Fell 

Politician and early green activist and scientist

Co-inventor EEG/feed-in tariffs 

Energy Watch Group

Member German parliament 1998-2012

Prof. Mark Jacobson 

University of Stanford, California

Quantifying the global energy transition, countrywise

Prof. John Perlin 

UC Berkeley

Historian, Book Author 

"The 6,000 year story of solar energy"

"Let it shine"

Innovation team on education field and industry practice

Ari Huczkowski

Founder Lunintel FI

long term Director Espoo

Innovation Garden, Helsinki,FI, advisor on innovation hub constructing for more than 75 institutions worldwide

Pasi Pennanen

Designer and industry innovation founder on high energy mobility

Technical team on climate and grid solutions

expert on study 06-2022

Dr. Ingo Stuckmann

Renewable Energy Expert

Windenergy Pioneer

Climate Leader at Al Gore`s Climate Reality Project

Parents for Future

Solutionsbook Author

„Climate Solutions @ our finger tips!”

Spread the word

Tony Seba

"Wind and Solar will disrupt the energy markets -

because they are so cheap"

Mark Jacobson

"the payback is 5 years for a 100% renewable energy system"

Amory Lovins

"Fat, straight tubes have less friction, need smaller pumps,

which use 80% less energy."

"This is 50% of all coal plants in the world - unnecessary for decades"

Eicke Weber

"We are 99% dependant on solar cell imports"

"We need domestic solar manufacturing" 

Ingo Stuckmann

"Wind & Solar at 1/2 the price - that is so nice" 

Dan Kammen

"We have all we need to solve the climate crisis"

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